NEW - Joi Thermologi Light

JOI Thermologi LED Lamp

JOI, an ingenious new heat powered lighting product. What makes JOI so incredible is that it doesn't use batteries, complicated solar panels, electricity or messy fuels to creat light. Instead, it uses a unique power source that is easy to use, economical and found in most every home -- the common tea light candle.

JOI uses thermoelectric technology to transorm the energy of a tea light candle into enough light to illuminate an outdoor living space. Within minutes, by capturing the otherwise wasted heat energy, JOI begins to covert the heat of a candle into more than 18 times the light generated by the tea light alone.


The tea light is housed in a wind-resistant enclosure allowing for use on the patio or even on the boat. The enclosure also protects your surroundings from heat and open flame, making this lamp great for use in the cabin or even indoors for extended periods of time.

Constructed of stainless steel, glass and aluminum, JOI is built to withstand the outdoors. The average tea light candle will power the Thermologi JOI for about 4 hours. Create a sense of wonder while delivering functional power.

Winner of awards in innovation and creativity, the JOI Thermologi lamp is premium lighting for outdoor entertaining. Use indoors to create ambiance at your dinner table, for a soft reading light, or for power outages - all without the hassle of cords, batteries, solar hassles or messy fuels. JOI brings light to places there has never been light before.

How does JOI work?
JOI uses thermoelectric technology to convert a temperature difference into electricity. At the center of JOI is a unique thermoelectric module. The patented JOI design activates its LED lights by creating a hot side and a cold side on the module and when this happens a principle called the “Seebeck Effect” causes electrons to flow within the module.

• Easy & safe to use
• Generates power from votive or tea light
• Uses thermoelectric technology
• Features 8 bright LED lights
• No cords or wires to plug in
• Durable stainless steel
• Bathes entire table in warm light
• Purpose built for outdoors or indoors
• No batteries
• No cords
• No messy fuels
• Long burn time
• Economical to use
• Candles have long storage life
• Tea light candles included
• Powered by Thermologi™

Made in Ontario, Canada
Dimensions: 7"W x 7"D x 8.5"H (Extends to 17"H)

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