Legacy Foods

Your Canadian Source for Legacy Foods.

ReadyPlus is excited to introduce the complete line of Legacy Foods, available right here in Ontario, Canada -- shipping Nation wide.

We carry an extensive supply of Legacy Emergency Food. With a shelf life of over 25 years, our high quality survival food will provide you with life-sustaining nutrients and calories you and your family need to survive a prolonged disaster or emergency scenario.


Great Taste

Thinking about a freeze-dried food or dehydrated meals might not conjure up images of gourmet a feast, so ReadyPlus sought out the best ready to eat meals available, and in doing so discovered Legacy Premium. Over the years Legacy Premium has worked closely with professional chefs in order to develop amazing recipes containing the highest quality ingredients. The end result is an incredibly tasty line of entrée and breakfast choices you’re sure to love.

Whether you use the products as an emergency food supply, or for ease and convenience while making a weekend getaway, rest assured that after you’ve re-hydrated these meals in hot water you will get the same amazing taste as the day it was prepared.


While considering the economics behind investing in an emergency food supply, ReadyPlus and Legacy Premium have created a cost structure that allows us to offer unbeatable prices on their products, meaning more people can now begin mapping out their food storage needs. Combine the low cost per serving with the security of purchasing a product with a 25-year shelf life, and it’s easy to see the cost benefit in taking advantage of this exceptional partnership.

Simple to Prepare

The freeze-dried ingredients used in the Legacy Premium meals have amazing properties that allow them to return to their natural form by simply re-adding the elements that were removed during packaging. In other words, open a pouch to reintroduce air, add hot water and wait 10-12 minutes. That’s all the preparation necessary. In the face of traditional food storage, which requires involved steps to prepare and cook, there isn’t a more simple solution.

100% Certified GMO Free

Legacy Premium has gone to extensive lengths to ensure that every ingredient used in their long term emergency food storage is GMO Free. We have certified documentation from each and every ingredient provider that proves they meet the certification standards and requirements to be considered GMO Free. The Food Quality Council, a thrid party testing company, has verified all of our ingredient origins and also given us the seal of 100% Certified GMO Free.

25 Year Shelf Life

Airtight nitrogen packed food pouches with an oxygen absorber inside are a big part of the reason the products we offer can be used as storage food for up to 25 years. This unique process of getting the residual oxygen levels in our pouches well below 2%, the bare minimum standard in long term food storage, keeps our ingredients fresh and adds a new degree of convenience and simplicity when considering emergency preparedness. Shelf life is typically a finite luxury when it comes to many food storage items, and can be a barricade to some who might otherwise be interested in building up a survival food supply.25 year shelf life

Because the freeze dried food sold on this site is prepared to last up to a quarter of a century there is no reason to worry about rotating out goods with a short shelf life. When you invest in food storage through ReadyPlus you can rest assured that your supply will be safe, secure and worry free.


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