Casa Blanca Stoneware

Casa Blanca

Adds elegance to casual dining.

Casa Blanca is not only visually pleasing, with a streamlined and classic look, but it was designed to deliver superior performance.

The process of firing stoneware at a very high temperature decreases the porous nature of the material, thus increasing its resistance to water and food absorption. Sanitary and requiring little care, stoneware is sturdy enough to withstand dishwasher use and detergents. The vitrification of stoneware also produces a chemical bond between the glaze and the sandstone, creating a high resistance to scratches and breakage.


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  • Stain resistant - protective lacquer on the mat natural surfaces
  • Oven safe 500 °F | 250 °C
  • Line created in Canada by internationally renowned designer Koen de Winter.
Classic design fits all decorating styles:
  • Pleasing to the eye with two tones and two finishes. A white enamelled interior treatment continues to the top of the exterior and is contrasted with a textured finish in a natural-looking taupe.
Easy maintenance:
  • The interior portion is enamelled for cooking and to prevent food from sticking.
  • The non-enamelled external portion is polished and coated to reduce the risk of cracks and nicks.
  • This coating also acts as a transparent guard to prevent food stains.
Ergonomic shapes for daily use:
  • Designed with a solid base that raises the product for enhanced stability and air circulation.
  • Stackable for smaller spaces.
Designed to facilitate daily use:
  • Easy to use with oven mitts. Thanks to sturdy handles, each product offers a good grip.
  • Broad edges to accommodate excess liquid, food, cheese or foam during cooking and serving.