Resistech Crystal

Resistech Stemware:


Resistech is an innovative process that combines a new composition of lead-free crystal glass with advanced finishing technology. Engineered to create a glass with improved resistance to chipping, Resistech will retain its superior brilliance and transparent clarity for years. The premium quality of Resistech glass is supported by a Certified 25 Year Replacement warranty*.

  • Perfectly transparent, lead free crystal glass
  • Ultra thin rims fortified for superior chip resistance
  • Reinforced to ensure maximum stability with seamless execution
  • Elegant tapered bowls evoke a sleek, contemporary silhouette
  • Solid stem and plate guarantee optimal break resistance
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25 years warranty

*The Certified 25 Year Replacement warranty applies to glass that becomes cloudy as a result of washing, or glass that chips at the rim or foot. Upon the return of the damaged glass, Trudeau Corporation will evaluate the claim, and if warranted, will provide a replacement. In the event that the glass is no longer available, Trudeau Corporation reserves the right to substitute a glass of equal or greater value.

*This is a limited warranty, and does not cover glass that is broken, or damaged due to accidents or improper care or handling. Trudeau Corporation retains the right to evaluate and address each claim at its sole discretion.