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One of the most complete selections of quality Kitchenware in Ontario. Whether you are a professional chef, an aspiring cook, or a bride to be ... We carry the world's best lines of gourmet kitchen knives, cookware, small appliances, pepper mills and kitchen tools & gadgets at great prices. Let us help you outfit your kitchen.

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Item Description Available Price UM
F241623006 OSLO ACRYLIC PEPPER MILL 14CM In Stock 39.99 / EA
F241623007 OSLO ACRYLIC SALT MILL 14CM In Stock 39.99 / EA
F241623008 OSLO ACRYLIC COMBO MILL 13CM In Stock 39.99 / EA
F241623810S DAMAN:ACRY/SS SALT GRINDER:16CM In Stock 79.99 / EA
F2416288262 TRUDEAU:PRO ARYLC PEPPER 6" In Stock 26.99 / EA
F2416288263 TRUDEAU:PRO ARYLC SALT 6" In Stock 26.99 / EA
F24404786 SCANPAN: CLSC 28CM GLASSLID In Stock 37.99 / EA
F24404788 SCANPAN: CLSC 32CM GLASSLID In Stock 39.99 / EA
F24560024 TRU: VIVA DESSERT BOWL 4.75" In Stock 3.99 / EA
F24560025 TRU: VIVA DESSERT BOWL 5.5" In Stock 4.99 / EA
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