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Enter Quantity

DVD: Prepping Your Pantry - Food Storage for Short and Long Term Survival Chief Instructor: Charley Hogwood

Do you run to the store several times a week? Are you watching as the price of food goes up every day? Would you like to cut your grocery bill and eat cheaper next year all at the same time? Did you already waste your money on a survival food "bucket"? What if you didn't have any would you prevent spoilage and cook your meals?

Food storage is a very broad term, and we're here to break down the basics. In this course, we will cover:
- What is food storage? Why should you store food?
- Food storage methods, including: Mylar bags, canning, dehydrating, freezing, Nature's refrigerator and freeze drying.
- Why most bucket foods are a waste of money and will be thrown out with the trash.
- Why MREs are a bad plan.
- Balancing your nutrition.
- How many calories you will need.
- What do those "Best By" dates mean?
- Why food storage is such an important part of your prepping plan.
- The 5 enemies of food storage.
- How to choose the proper containers and the right plastics.
- Shopping strategies to stretch your dollar.
- The Tiered Food Storage Strategy.
- How to choose the proper size Mylar bags.
- How to properly choose and use oxygen absorbers.
- Shelf life of foods.
- Creative storage for tight spaces.

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