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Light and heavy weight carving knives, and matching forks.
Size: 8 in.
Materials: Stainless steel
Cleaning and Care: Hand washing with mild cleanser recommended. (no dishwasher dry cycle)
Manufacturer: Global #GF37
Sharpening a Japanese knife
Japanese knives are sharpened using a much smaller angle than for instance European knives and are sometimes sharpened asymmetrical. Therefore these knives should never been sharpened on a sharpening device design for sharpening using a standard angle. Also we do not recommend sharpening these knives on a regular sharpening steel.
The ways to sharpen Japanese knives are:
- On a fine sharpening stone
- Using a ceramic or diamond coated sharpening steel.
- Using a water sharpener designed for Japanese knives
The first GLOBAL knives were designed in 1985 by Komin Yamada whose remit was to develop a range of knives which was truly new and revolutionary, harnessing the best materials available and the most modern design concepts.
With an almost unlimited budget he was to fashion a series of kitchen knives which would appeal to the professional and amateur chef alike, be comfortable and easy to handle, and meet their most demanding requirements. GLOBAL knives are made from the finest stainless steel material. The blades utilize Molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel, ice tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56-58 degrees which holds a razor sharp edge longer than any other steel and resists rust, stains and corrosion.
Like most Japanese knives the blades of Global knives are thin and sharpened using a small - sometimes asymmetric - angle. This is what makes Japanese knives sharper than any other knives.
Another feature of Global knives is that the blades are sharpened all the way to the end. This makes it easy to maintain the edge on a sharpening stone.
-> CROMOVA 18 stainless steel
-> Remains razor sharp longer than any other steel
-> Hygienic seamless construction eliminates food and dirt traps
-> Easily cleaned with soap and water; not dishwasher safe
-> Gift boxed

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Colour Group:Stainless Steel
Blade Length:9"
Country of Origin:Japan

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